Phil Abadee


Phil has worked with PW Lawyers since 2019.

Previous to working in law, Phil has had extensive experience in politics, finance, publishing and export/importing.

Phil was a Councillor on Randwick Council and served as Chair, Vice-Chair or as a member of seventeen committees.

Phil also worked in banking and securitisation with Credit Lyonnais Bank and was later appointed a Senior Manager for Advance Bank.

Phil also had a regular weekly segment on Radio 2GB’s ‘Money’ programme for several years as their mortgage expert.

Phil also managed a stable of magazines with international distribution in architecture, design, development, and business sectors.

More recently Phil was the Campaign Director for the former Attorney-General of Australia (Hon Philip Ruddock AO) and other candidates for election to Hornsby Council.

The campaign was a success with an increased vote and majority.

Phil’s lateral thought pattern, ease under pressure and capacity to look for solutions are strengths that help his clients solve their problems.

Phil specialises in Contract disputes, Debt recovery, Debt renegotiation, Family Law, Reputational Torts including Defamation and Local Court matters including traffic offences.


  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Debt Renegotiation
  • Family Law
  • Reputational Torts (including defamation)
  • Local Matters (including traffic offences)