Our Values


At PW Lawyers our mission is to help you in your time of need. We are a community minded firm that wants to ensure everyone has access to and knowledge of the law. We believe that the law creates security and certainty that allows people to be productive and succeed in life.  We endeavour to ensure our clients are aware of their legal options and empowered to make decisions that will safeguard their future and the future of their family.

We aim to ensure that our community is well informed and feel secure within the law. PW Lawyers is a firm that desires to impart knowledge to new and future lawyers. We value education and continual learning. PW Lawyers are respected as experts in their fields. We provide professional development sessions attended by lawyers in the local area, to give them the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge and skills.

PW Lawyers values inclusive employment and strive to give people from all backgrounds an opportunity of employment. We make no exceptions to our high standard in work, and make sure our team can do their job without excuses. All our lawyers are well trained and experts in their chosen area of law.  



We believe that everyone deserves a listening ear when they are dealing with the hardships of life. Our clients are offered a thirty-minute free initial consultation, so that our lawyers have time to understand the situation of their clients. PW Lawyers values compassion and treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

PW Lawyers serve our community with compassion. Our mission to help you in your time of need extends to those most in need in our community. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to live their lives to the best of their ability.  Therefore, we support charities making a difference in people’s lives to ensure the vital services they offer can continue.



PW Lawyers strives to ensure everyone has access to legal services. We value integrity and hold a high ethical standard to our practice of law. We value our clients and believe it is vital that they are aware of their legal rights and responsibilities, so they are well informed when making legal decisions.

As a firm, we value diversity of opinion and promote open and honest conversations within the firm. Everyone has a right to free speech; however, we have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, abuse, or any form of discrimination. We condemn all hate speech and believe everyone has a right to live in a world without violence.