Internship Program

PW Lawyers run an internship program for people studying law at university. We believe training and education produces better lawyers. Internships create opportunities to teach and train our future lawyers, by giving law students different opportunities and pathways in their learning.

PW Lawyers give emerging lawyers the opportunity to experience a law firm in a supportive environment. We are a suburban law firm that does the same work as a big city firm. Our interns work closely with the lawyers and partners of the firm. We provide mentorship to our lawyers to help them establish their legal career.

We are looking for interns who:

  • Have a desire to learn new areas of law.
  • Are passionate about the law and helping clients.
  • Are willing to gain new experiences.
  • Are wanting to become part of the team at PW Lawyers.


Our program is for all law students, from first to fifth year. Our interns are afforded flexibility in the days and times they attend the office. We know that university timetables change, and therefore we are happy to work with our interns to find times that suit them. We welcome students from all universities.

If you are studying law, please contact us to find out how we can help you on your journey to become a lawyer.